The sail set sail on January 30, "sheep Total haocha "guangdong hao sheng ceramics co., LTD. The New Year evening party held factory in qingyuan, guangdong hao sheng ceramics co., LTD., chairman of wen-qiang luo, vice chairman and my favourite season companies such as leadership, more than 3000 people attended the party. 

 The sail set sail on March 1, "sheep Total haocha "melco marble tiles/one marble tile marketing elite special training camp in the south China sea 2015 years beautifully pulled open heavy curtain. Involved in the members of the special training camp, respectively from the number one cause of guangdong hao sheng ceramics co., LTD., melco department, product department, international department, platinum group, strategic group and operation group seven divisions of the staff. The thoughts of the specially trained to "service first, adhere to the road, the ground is king" as the goal, clear 2015 brand development direction, motivate a team morale, around the store construction, brand building, terminal promotion etc. 

 On March 6-9, xiamen stone fair, melco marble tile "leader" Zhu Guoliang, ke lu kingdom, product Dai Yongjiang products division general manager and staff to improve melco, one stone library, develop new products, new city of the second generation ceramic tile, marble and spend heavily to buy stone material, the best resources to the fastest speed back to the company. 

 On March 18th, beam Qiu Ju vocational school teachers and students of a line to melco stone library to study, more than 50 students from the school of design. Process the total recommended by well-known decoration design company, as the school marble tile first learning base. 

 On March 26, melco marble tile "Greenwich blue night" in foshan ceramic headquarters held successfully. 

 On April 19, "the night of cloisonne was held outside the hall. 

 On April 18th, to "do the melco Mercedes" world debut melco marble tile press conference was held in foshan huaxia ceramic exhibition city, more than 30 media and marketing general manager WengWenPing Zhu Guoliang, product Dai Yongjiang division general manager, deputy general manager, vice general manager, main countries and other leaders attended the meeting together. 

 Five days of ceramic fair, in marble tile dongfeng, melco brand during the ceramic fair successfully under zhejiang quzhou, baoding, changsha, hunan, henan, shaanxi, guangdong, dongguan and so on more than 30 a second-tier cities 

 On June 1, China's ceramic industry's most influential TaoCheng newspaper, hand in hand with the Italian national government departments - Italian foreign trade commission, and the Italian ceramic machinery and equipment manufacturers association jointly create the most valuable design event - the third China ceramic art design competition in Italy. The evening ceremony held in foshan new media industrial park, melco marble tile entry products - Oman cream-colored, texture has the advantages of the uniqueness, adornment effect is good, won industry recognition and the organizing committee is the most authoritative certification, won the recognition award in the ceramic design competition. 

 On June 5-6, with "surging ahead peak experience" as the theme of guangdong hao sheng ceramics co., LTD. Outdoor promotional activities in qingyuan. By one group, melco group, product group, platinum group, international department, operating department division more than 200 people have to the beijiang river, xuanzhen valley development base, and other attractions for outdoor activities. 

 On June 26, "loulan night" in foshan city wei yu held successfully. 

 July 20 to 25, "hero" stone potential melco marble tile elite manager special training camp in foshan sanshui hot spring resort hotel was held, from all over the country to participate in more than 200 people. The course "seven sell excalibur" (selling process, selling brand, selling products, selling services, selling culture, selling space, selling case). 

 Mid-Autumn festival in September 24, "azure coast night" was held in blue fort chateau, guangdong hao sheng ceramics co., LTD. All the staff as well as the intention to cooperate with our dealers to participate in this activity. 

 On October 16, "hero" stone potential wealth summit held in guangdong qingyuan constant hotel! Guangdong hao sheng ceramics co., LTD. With its brands melco marble tiles, one marble tiles across the country hundreds of dealers in qingyuan constant hotel, seek common development, common witness hao sheng enterprise development splendid history once again! 

 October 20, "azure coast night concert was held in the exhibition hall. 

 October 22nd, melco marble tile and yunnan from home building materials chain co., LTD. Signed a strategic cooperation agreement, jointly established melco marble tile marketing company in yunnan province, the first marble tile annual storage volume of more than 10 million. This marked the melco marble tile marketing company will take root in southwest yunnan, recording the melco brand in history and a brilliant achievement! 

 On October 30, melco marble tiles with black dragon the river dragon sheng building materials co., LTD., a strategic partner and signing, melco marble tile heilongjiang marketing branch was formally established. This is melco marble tile an important strategic strongholds in the northeast area, but also opens the melco in strategic layout of the country's new mileage. 

 On Nov. 2, melco marble tile making internal tension and orderly, associate director of the district. Guangdong hao sheng ceramics co., LTD., general manager of marketing WengWenPing, guangdong hao sheng ceramics co., LTD., operating OuYangMiaoYan division general manager, guangdong hao sheng ceramics co., LTD. Products division general manager Dai Yongjiang, melco marble tile marketing general manager Zhu Guoliang, melco marble tile marketing vice general manager, main countries and other leaders to attend the panel and has formed a professional authority, to evaluate candidates for questions from the audience, etc. Rochon in the end, the east China area, north area Gong Chao overseers landslide successful regional deputy director. 

 On November 19, "hero" stone potential melco marble tile manager special training camp of the west lake among the elite training camp in hangzhou, outstanding dealers from around the country manager and resident representative, elite designers more than 150 people gathered in Beijing international hotel, melco Zhu Guoliang marble tile marketing general manager, vice general manager, main countries and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. 

 On November 22, held a grand opening event. Event crowd, the scene about 500 owners and national excellent dealers, the manager jointly witnessed the brilliant moments, the scene atmosphere very busy! 

 On December 26, reebok, the first marathon Chinese ceramic industry and the 12th ceremony of the new list on the green island lake blooming glory. The event by China ceramic industry association, held TaoCheng newspaper, guangdong hao sheng ceramics co., LTD. Brand melco marble tiles, one marble tiles support, aimed at the 12th new opened a list of China's ceramic industry, navigation and innovation group, marathon for innovative talents competition, led the innovation talented person, to carry forward the spirit of innovation and breakthrough in the dilemma. 

 On December 27, looting melco marble tile bulk at its headquarters in foshan in guangdong