Melco marble tile is a subsidiary of guangdong hao sheng ceramics co., LTD. A strong brand, founded in, is located in the southland pottery - foshan ceramics industry headquarters town, is a collection research and development, production, marketing, service as one of the large-scale modern enterprise. Main production and operation of marble, ultra smooth glaze, polishing brick, microcrystalline, light stone, ceramics and other major series of ceramic products. Product specification covers 300 x300mm, 300 x450mm, 240 x660mm, 300 x600mm, 350 x750mm, 400 x800mm, 600 x600mm, 800 x800 mm, 600 x900mm, 1000 x1000mm, 600 x1200mm, etc.

Company size and strength. Scope of business across multiple areas, for many years in ceramics, ceramic raw materials, petrochemical industry, star hotel, and other fields has made brilliant achievements, has accumulated abundant capital strength and advanced international management experience, these are endowed with melco marble tile development of forward-looking vision.

Company more than 2 billion investment plan, has more than 2 billion employees, headquarters of the exhibition hall is located in foshan ceramic headquarters base, with a total area of more than 5000 square meters; Grain production base is located in qingyuan town of cloud, a total area of 800000 square meters, the number 10 in today's world first-class architectural ceramic production line, equipped with 388 m long wide-body kiln and currently the industry's most advanced Italy SACMI 7800 tons of press, the melco marble tile production and sales of high quality products.

Companies adhering to the "commitment, sharing, adhere to the" core values, the international advanced management mode, on the basis of ISO9001 international quality management system, comprehensive through the national compulsory 3 c certification enterprises. Successively won the "international brand", "China's first choice brand of green environmental protection", "China top ten brand ceramic tile", top 500 Asian brands ", "one of the ten famous brands in Chinese ceramics", "the most dynamic brand", "the Chinese ceramic industry top ten quality brand", "national engineering building materials preferred 100" and "consumer favorite ceramic top ten brand" and so on many award, for many years by the Chinese building sanitary ceramics association awarded "ceramic tile top ten brand", "a line of ceramic industry brand" and other honorary titles.

The city where is the melco marble tiles.

Melco marble tile emphasizes grade and the connotation of creation concept, apply rational, comfortable and healthy elements make ceramic tile supplement each other and living environment, create a classical and pop, details and the overall harmonious beauty, release the elegant taste, accumulate the connotation of fine!

Hao sheng enterprise is currently the world's largest marble ceramic tile is one of the professional manufacturing enterprise.

Melco marble tiles to create natural within easy reach of the high-end brand of marble tile technocrat, leading brand achievement marble tiles.

Melco marble tile, return to nature person, make urban natural - within easy reach.